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Netti Dynamic
Patent document no.
NO336366, NO336355,
Trademark registration no.
NO231652, NO303452


Alu Rehab has become a significant supplier of comfort wheelchairs. The wheelchairs are marketed under the trademarks Netti, and Alu Rehab offers a wide range of sophisticated wheelchairs.

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For users with involuntary patterns of movement (spasticity), standard wheelchairs may not provide a comfortable sitting positions over time. In a standard wheelchair, there is a high risk of spasticity forcing the body out of the fitted sitting unit, which can also cause high pressure on exposed parts of the body. Netti Dynamic has a patented system solving this problem.

Netti Dynamic will adjust to the user’s movements by extension, returning to the original sitting position after the extension. This will lead to less discomfort during a spasm than in a traditional wheelchair. The synergy between the leg supports, the back, the seat and the headrest will ensure a comfortable sitting position over time and prevent unintentional movement. It will prevent the user from sliding forward in the chair and thereby getting a bad sitting position and bad distribution of pressure.

The dynamic construction also extends the lifetime of the wheelchair.