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passionate about intellectual property rights:

Our knowledge -your comfort

You know your product. We know intellectual property rights. Together we can bring you success! 

Securing intellectual property rights can be a time consuming and complex process.  Let our dedicated team of professionals take care of the application process and correspondence with the authorities, at home and abroad.  That way, you can concentrate on your products and business.




Enthusiastic about innovation

Enthusiastic about innovation

The professional technical magazine Teknisk Ukeblad has spoken with two of our Attorneys about career and expertise in intellectual property law. Read the interview here.

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We have an office day in Kristiansand at least once a month. You are welcome to schedule a meeting with us.

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You will find us at our head office in Forusparken 2, Stavanger. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

Collaborating partners

KLUGE law firm has an expert intellectual property rights (IPR) team and extensive experience in assisting start-up companies. KLUGE and Håmsø Patentbyrå provide the Gründerhjelpen programme for start-ups.

QBIRD assists companies with project establishment and applications for funding for research and development projects. Håmsø Patentbyrå owns shares in QBIRD.


AIPEX is a network of IP firms offering international companies simplified management of their IP portfolio. Håmsø Patentbyrå is the Nordic partner of AIPEX.