Protection of a new design

The outward shape and appearance (design) of a product can be protected through design registration. Also parts of a design, for instance the handle of a cup, may be protected. The same applies to ornamentation, for example motifs on clothing, textiles, wall papers etc. Even screen images, type faces and product constellations, for example a kitchen or a train compartment, can be protected.

As a consequence of ever increasing competition, great importance is attached to design today. The appearance of a product will often be the most important selling factor. Design protection prevents others from producing, importing or marketing imitations of the product that you have developed and protected.

It is a condition for obtaining design protection that the design of the product represent a new design which is substantially different from earlier designs. A design registration is valid for 5 years, but through renewals may be maintained for up to 25 years.
reidun rossa
Reidun Rosså Korsberg

BA Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration/University of Bergen 1995. College teacher of foreign languages 1996-1998, executive secretary Otteren Trading AS 1998-2003. Trademark consultant at Håmsø since 2003 and head of Design and Trademark Department since 2010. European Trade Mark Attorney 2016.