Trademark and Copyright

A trademark is associated with the company's products or services. The use of trademarks should therefore be an important element in the marketing process. An established trademark will be a considerable competitive advantage. Just think of the value of trademarks like Apple, BMW, Sony, and Coca Cola.

The registration of a trademark prevents others from using the same mark or similar marks. Registered trademarks are recognised by the symbol ®.

A registration is valid for 10 years and is renewable indefinitely. A trademark shows an image, or it may consist of one word or more, possibly an image-word combination.

A trademark does not have to be new to be registered.
Reidun Rosså Korsberg

Department manager design and trademark, Partner

European Trademark and Design Attorney. B.Sc. English and French. Previously college teacher of foreign languages and Executive Secretary at Otteren Trading.

Joined Hamso in 2003.

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