Requirements for patent applications in Norway

Required information:
  • Name and address of the applicant.
  • Size of applicant (’small or large entity’) – A legally registered organisation with 20 permanent employees or less is considered a small entity; an organisation with more than 20 employees is considered a large entity. Note that companies with common ownership are considered part of the same legal entity.
  • Name and address of the inventor.
  • Information regarding how the applicant has acquired his right to the invention – such as by assignment, employment, etc.
  • The name of the invention.
  • If priority is claimed; statement of country, serial number and filing date of original foreign application from which priority is claimed.
  • If an invention is in the national phase of a PCT, the International Filing Number, and Filing Date are required.

Required enclosures
  • Specifications of the invention with claims and abstract – Norwegian translation may be filed later.
  • Drawings in triplicate.
  • Priority document – Only required in the unusual event of it being requested by the patent examiner. The priority document is then required in English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian translations.
  • Power of attorney (no legalisation required) – must be filed within approximately four months of the filing date.

General information
  • It is not possible to file a request to speed up the examination process, as each application is examined in due course.
  • Annual fees are due in advance on the last day of the calendar month containing the filing date. However, the installments for the first and second year are paid in arrears together with the payment for the third year – so the annuities for the first three years are paid at the end of the 24th (twenty-fourth) month after the filing date.