Quotes about patents, inventions, and inventors

"There is no reason that anyone should wish to have a computer at home."
Ken Olson, founder of Digital (1977)

"Electric light will never take the place of gas"
Werner von Siemens

"Man will never fly; not in a thousand years"
Wilbur Wright (1900)

"Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible."
Lord Kelvin, mathematics, physics and president of The Royal Society (1885)

"Everything that can be invented has been invented"
C.H. Duell, US Patent Office, while proposing the abandonment of the patent office (1899)

"It is an astounding invention, but who will  ever make use of it?"
US President Rutherford B. Hayes after receiving a telephone demonstration in 1876

"One day a telephone will be found in all large cities in the USA."
Alexander Graham Bell, telephone inventor

"It is the most fool thing we have done. The atomic bomb will never go off and I am speaking as an explosives expert."
Admiral William Daniel Leahy regarding the atomic bomb

"Planes are interesting toys, but have no military value."
Marchal Ferdinand Foch, Professor of Strategy at the French War College (1911)

"For God's sake, go down to reception and get rid of a lunatic who's down there. He says he's got a machine for seeing by wireless! Watch him — he may have a razor on him."
Editor of Daily Express when TV inventor John Logie Baird came to demonstrate his technology in1925.

"My father invented a theft alarm, but someone stole it from him."
Victor Borge, Danish musician and entertainer

"The worst thing that can happen to an inventor is to get a patent."
Are Stenvik, Norwegian professor of patent law

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought."
Albert Szent-György, Hungarin biochemist

"An invention, something which is not completely beholden to itself."
Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian author

"Few have heard of Fra Luca Pacioli, the inventor of double-entry bookkeeping; but he has probably had much more influence on human life than has Dante or Michelangelo."
Herbert J. Muller, American historian and author

"The inventors change the world more than the generals and statesmen."
Paul Nizan, French author