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Håmsø Patentbyrå provides a full range of services relating to patent, trade mark and design protection.
- Advising on these matters involves technology, law and business development, and one thing is for sure: you learn something new every day!

From the trade magazine Teknisk Ukeblad 2/2020

26. February, 2020

– We have the experience, skills, systems and contact networks to manage IP cases worldwide, say Krister Mangersnes and Gro Katarina Andorsen.  Pictured during a client visit to Podbike. Photo: Kjetil Kleppe, Megabite.

Those are the words of Krister Mangersnes and Gro Katarina Andorsen of Håmsø Patentbyrå.  They are referring to an agency that has 70 years of experience in the field of intellectual property rights.

– This means that we have a solid foundation and are experts of our trade. The previously family-owned firm was acquired and revitalised by a group of employees last year.  Our clients have a wide range of needs, which makes for varied and exciting work days, the two say enthusiastically.

Creating assets for the clients

An intellectual property strategy – IP strategy – is about identifying, protecting and exploiting a company’s intangible assets, as well as managing and maintaining established intellectual property rights.

– IP strategy is really about us and our client together evaluating what should be patented, what should be kept a trade secret and what is best protected by means of a design or trade mark registration. Protecting one’s own innovations is more important than ever in this digitalised and globalised world.  Patenting can be essential early on in the development of new technology, to make sure that nobody can run off with your idea during the process, says Mr. Mangersnes.  Ms. Andorsen adds:

– It is also about avoiding violation of others’ rights.  IP is an investment – it will cost you, but can you afford to be without it?

 Extensive breadth and depth of knowledge

Technical expertise is needed to understand an invention and legal expertise is required to obtain what the client wants in a business context.

– In our firm we possess strong skills in both of these areas, thanks to our attorneys and advisors coming from different backgrounds in terms of education and experience.  We have people of several nationalities – which enriches us both professionally and socially, says Ms. Andorsen. Our advisors all have university-level education and several have PhDs.  The majority are certified European Patent Attorneys.

– We are close to where the companies are located in Rogaland and take a practical approach to our work with clients.  As a patent attorney you get unique insights into the future; the patent is often several years ahead of the commercial product, ends Mr. Mangersnes.

Podbike is one of Håmsø Patentbyrå’s many clients. Here is Podbike’s inventor and founder Per Hassel Sørensen together with Krister Mangersnes og Gro Katarina Andorsen. Photo: Kjetil Kleppe, Megabite.

Facts about Håmsø Patentbyrå

  • Established in Sandnes in 1950.
  • Håmsø Patentbyrå has an international team of more than 30 people spanning six different nationalities.
  • Full range of services relating to intellectual property rights.
  • Acting for clients in Norway and all over the world from our base in Rogaland.
  • Scandinavian partner of AIPEX, an international network for simplified management of large European IP portfolios.

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