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Rodeo Balance chair
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Rodeo Holding AS is owned and managed by physiotherapist Frode Skretting, who developed and designed the Rodeo chair.

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Rodeo is a sitting concept developed to ensure healthy backs by providing for an active sitting position and using the human body’s natural need to move at any time.

The schools that have chosen Rodeo chairs have happy pupils, teachers and parents. Rodeo is recommended for schools. Colin Pritchard-Davies, principal at Eiganes school in Stavanger, who have had a test program with Rodeo chairs since the fall of 2016, says that they have made good experiences.

We know that children are in less physical activity than before, but the Rodeo chair makes them «work-out» in the class room, which is very good. The pupils are happy, the teachers are happy, and, thus, I am happy. The use of Rodeo at Eiganes has also resulted in less noise in the class room.

Pupils with lots of energy get to release some of it by being in constant movement on their chairs. The Rodeo chair also makes less noise when the user turns than a traditional chair with four legs. This provides a quieter classroom environment, which in turn gives better learning conditions. In my opinion, schools ought to consider Rodeo when considering new chairs, says the principal, who also has a Rodeo chair in his office.