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The company Podbike AS was founded in 2016 by Per Hassel Sørensen Anne-Lise Heggland, and we look at ourselves as forward-thinking and nature-loving entrepreneurs. Podbike is located in Stavanger/ Norway and the team consist of experienced engineers and creative enthusiasts supported by business-oriented persons.

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Podbike velomobile combines the fun and exercise of cycling with the comfort of being protected from the elements. Podbike velomobile is tailor-made to tackle the wet, cold and windy weather you can get in the Nordic countries. It will also comfortably fit an adult with a child and some luggage.

Being partly human powered, Podbike velomobile can be cycled like a regular bike, giving you the same light exercise as an electric bike. The only difference is that Podbike velomobile is twice as fun! Regular bikes can be unpractical and unsafe, especially in harsh weather and heavy traffic. The Podbike velomobile however, will bridge the last mile between your home/ office and public transportation, or simply take you comfortably and safely from A to B.

The Podbike velomobile is versatile and can be used on bicycle roads and city roads. Less car traffic will simply make your journey an absolute joyride. It has lights and indicators make it easy to spot on city roads. With electric assist you travel at 25 km/h but up to 60 km/h with your own pedal power. Parking is a breeze. Standing upright it only takes up 1/8 of a normal parking space.

Elpedal envision stations for recharging close to all urban areas. In future, the Podbike velomobile will park itself, charge battery when needed and come to you when you ask for it. In driverless mode, the lightweight Podbike velomobile will travel at 6 km/hour, about the same speed as a person walking.