Kverneland Group


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NO337639, NO336787, NO336571
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Kverneland Group er en ledende landbruksmaskinprodusent innen grasproduksjon, jordbearbeiding, kunstgjødselspredning, såing og sprøyting og elektronikk.

Kverneland Group er datterselskap av Kubota Corp., og har fabrikker i Norge, Danmark, Tyskland, Frankrike, Nederland, Italia, Russland og Kina.

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Kverneland Group

The reversible plough Kverneland iPlough has several patented innovations.

The most visible innovation is the hinged head stock mast, which makes it possible to tow the plough like a trailer during transport. This avoids the dangerous overhang that comes with a regular mounted plough.

The combined depth and transport wheel has several details that make the adjustment between ploughing and transport easy and safe. Alternatively, the depth wheel can be replaced with a belt for improved carrying capacity in wet conditions.

The skimmers have a central adjustment of the working depth and may also be automatically adjusted according to the ploughing depth. Springs can easily be removed or added to optimise the auto-reset leg protection system.