Formal Norwegian design application requirements

Required information:

1.   Name and address of applicant.

2.   Name and address of the designer.

3.   Description of the design for which you are applying.

4.   If possible, the class in which the design is to be registered according to the Locarno International Classification.

5.   If priority is claimed: statement of country, serial number and filing date of the original foreign application from  
      which priority is claimed. A copy of the Priority Document in not required.

6.   Information on the application shall be made publicly available when filing or publication could be postponed for up to
      6 months.

Required enclosures:

7.   Digital pictures (photographs or drawings) illustrating the design. The pictures must not exceed the international
      size A4 (21 x 29.7 cm).

8.   Power of attorney (notarisation not required) may be filed later at no extra cost.

9.   Priority Document only upon request by the Examiner. No charge.

General information:

10.  The duration is 5 years from the filing date, with 4 five-year extensions possible (up to a maximum of 25 years).