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When you join the team of patent attorneys at Hamso, you become a part of a multinational, supportive and hard-working family of professionals. Everyone in this family works and plays hard, supports each other, and maintains a keen focus on both personal and professional wellbeing.

At Håmsø we apply a flat organisational hierarchy allowing our attorneys to focus on our client portfolio, which offers both interesting and challenging cases. However, we know that a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is paramount to creativity and productivity, which is why we make sure that we enjoy ourselves as a team with several social events throughout the year, trips out with the partners, and monthly lotteries to reward physical exercise at the office.

Working with the Hamso family means being a part of something special. Will you join us?


Sandnes is Norway's 8th largest city and just a 10 minute train ride from the regional capital of Stavanger. Among its 75,000 inhabitants, one in four is a non-native Norwegian, giving the city an international flavour with shops and restaurants offering products and cuisine from many parts of the world. 

Sandnes is located at the end of a fjord and surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests. One of Norway's most famous tourist attractions, the Pulpit Rock, is less than an hour's drive away. 

While there are many great sights to see, Sandnes is also a wonderful place to live, always amongst the 'top ten' on the annual ranking of Norway's 426 local authorities.

The Sandnes Kommune website has a wealth of information on activities, getting your children registered for school, and of course, where to go to attend Norwegian lessons.


While Norway may be best known for its North Sea oil and gas production, it is also among the world leaders in a wide range of other industries, such as aquaculture, shipping, hydropower and telecommunications.
Since 2009 Norway has been ranked number one on the UN Human Development Index of the best countries to live in, taking into account education, health and income. It is also known as one of the richest countries in the world, with the largest sovereign wealth fund of any country.

Norway's focus on the wellbeing of its people, economy, and dedication to preserving its natural environment makes it stand out in the developed world. Socially, Norwegians are known to be quiet, yet kind people who espouse the concept of "koselig", that is, warm, cosy feelings and behaviour toward each other. All of these things make living and working in Norway a pleasure for all who are willing to make the move.

Are you a patent attorney who ever thinks about moving abroad to advance your career opportunities, to improve the living standard for you and your family, to find a better work-life balance or simply to widen your cultural horizons? How about moving to Norway?

The free ebook 'Life and Work in Norway' explores various aspects of living and working in Norway and will help you see if this is a country suited for you. It was written by Hamso patent attorneys, trying to uncover the reasons why people who live here are among the happiest in the world.
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EQE Certified Patent Attorney

Håmsø has a broad client base in the oil & gas industry, agriculture, fisheries, and emerging technologies. Our business is growing, and we are looking for patent attorneys with different technical backgrounds, in particular electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, industrial engineering, and chemical engineering.

Versatility is important, and candidates with experience from different disciplines will be of particular interest.

You will be expected to move to Norway, but you don’t necessarily have to learn Norwegian as English is widely spoken. Most patent applications are filed and processed in English. We already employ patent attorneys from the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, UK and Portugal.

We believe that you will enjoy our working environment, where teamwork, work-life balance, self-development and client satisfaction are the driving forces, rather than the billing stopwatch.

Any questions? Please call +47 51 60 51 51 and ask for Rasmus Gjesing, our Managing Director.

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