Trademark and Copyright

A trademark is associated with the company's products or services. The use of trademarks should therefore be an important element in the marketing process. An established trademark will be a considerable competitive advantage. Just think of the value of trademarks like Apple, BMW, Sony, and Coca Cola.

The registration of a trademark prevents others from using the same mark or similar marks. Registered trademarks are recognised by the symbol ®.

A registration is valid for 10 years and is renewable indefinitely. A trademark shows an image, or it may consist of one word or more, possibly an image-word combination.

A trademark does not have to be new to be registered.
reidun rossa
Reidun Rosså Korsberg

BA Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration/University of Bergen 1995. College teacher of foreign languages 1996-1998, executive secretary Otteren Trading AS 1998-2003. Trademark consultant at Håmsø since 2003 and head of Design and Trademark Department since 2010. European Trade Mark Attorney 2016.